Without the dedication and commitment of the professionals TEAM it would be impossible to achieve the proposed goals

-- Anselm Pi Rambla




Anselm Pi Rambla

anselm pi rambla

Founder / CV Anselm



Marc Qumran

Marc Qumran

Executive Direction / CV Marc



Alex Pi

alex pi

Exploration Direction / CV Alex



Alan Stivelman

alan stivelman

Film Director & Producer / CV Alan



Ivan Hitar

ivan hitar

Exploration Department / CV Ivan



Andres Adasme

andres adasme

Research Department / CV Andres



Mireia Carrasco

mireia carraasco

Logistics Department / CV Mireia

Marta Pi

marta pi

CEO / CV Marta



Maria Teresa Peret

maria teresa peret

Administration Manager / CV Mª Teresa



Julio Durand

julio durand

Teledetection Direction / CV Julio



Pere Masso

pere masso

Underwater Direction / CV Pere



Aaron Naar Stein

aaron naar

Administration Department / CV Aaron



Hugo Quiñones

hugo quiñones

Aerial Department / CV Hugo



Giovanna Tragodara

giovanna tragodara

Secretary of Direction / CV Giovanna