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Anselm Pi Rambla & Explorer Team will carry out underwater surveys in the Pisco-Paracas area in order to locate archaeological remains of the millenary maritime activity in this important area of the Pacific Ocean.

Has evidence that this western coast of South America was a maritime zone of important transpacific landings more than 3000 years old.

True Legends Conference

Anselm Pi Rambla exhibited at the True Legends Conference (Branson, Missouri) his research and exploration work carried out for more than 35 years throughout the Andean territory.

Pi Rambla provided important historical and scientific evidence about the existence of an ancient civilization very advanced, ignored by our current civilization, possessing extraordinary knowledge, which decided thousands of years ago to convert the Andes into its home.
A race that in the course of history was formulated a superhistorical conception of its existence, elevating it to the category of myth and legend.

In the conference, with a capacity of more than 3000 people, attendees could witness the excavations carried out in the Temple of the Sun of the Incas (Koricancha) and in the archaeological complex of Saqsaywaman by the Bohic Ruz Explorer team about the works made in the city of Cusco about the discovery of the existing tunnels in the subsoil of the city.

Tayos Cave

Unknown Maya Codex

Dic 21 2012
By: Anselm Pi Rambla
Categories: codex, mayas

Anselm Pi Rambla collaborates with an international research team to the surprising discovery of an important Codex Maya unknown to date.

Mashcopiros Tribe Not contacted

Feb 11 2012
By: Pi Rambla Team
Categories: mashcopiros

At the beginning of 2012 Survival International publishes photographs of some isolated indigenous people seen in close proximity in the southeast of Peru, called Mashcopiros, announcing as an international premiere the encounter with this uncontacted tribe.

It should be mentioned that the Bohic Ruz team in 1982 were the first to contact this tribe in the Peruvian Amazon with an extensive report.

Cronica Subterranea

Abr 09 2010
By: Debora Goldstern
Categories: interviu, archaeology, koricancha project

Interview with Anselm Pi Rambla on the KORICANCHA PROJECT in Cronica Subterranea by DEBORA GOLDSTERN one of the most outstanding researchers of Argentina on the Underground World.