Unknown Maya Codex

Dec 21 2012
By: Anselm Pi Rambla

Unknown Codex Maya

Anselm Pi Rambla collaborates with an international research team to the surprising discovery of an important Codex Maya unknown to date:

A few days before the famous end of the Mayan cycle of 5,125 years ending on 12/21/12, a new Maya codex unknown to date has been presented to the international community. A research team has discovered an invaluable piece missing from the Mayan culture. The lost codex has been safeguarded by a family for almost three centuries.

According to experts, this Codex is one of the best preserved of the 4 existing in the world with an antiquity of (+/-) 1540 AD. It is protected by carved wooden front and rear covers.

In a first analysis they have intervened: Anselm Pi Rambla, Roderick McNeil, McCrone Associates, y Janet G. Smith, ISA.



Previously Unknown Mayan Codex Discovered and Authenticated by Period Experts


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