Archaeology · Anthropology · Environmental Sciences · Wildlife Preserve
  • expeditions and explorations


    Anselm Pi Rambla has a highly experienced human team in different disciplines for the avant-garde exploration

  • archaeology


    In Archaeology makes all kinds of interventions with latest generation techniques that do not directly affect the heritage remains

  • archaeoastronomy


    Our works in archaeoastronomy help us to date monuments, explain historical facts and define celestial origins of the religious beliefs of ancient cultures

  • underwater archaeology

    Underwater Archaeology

    We have a department of underwater archeology. We combine archaeological history, science and technology for the recovery, study, classification and dating of the submerged heritage

  • georadar


    Remote sensing is a great support for research, providing data in different areas such as archaeological, geological, urban and environmental

  • topography


    For topographic surveys we use a Universal Transversal Mercator (UTM) reference system with a total station (Electronic Tachometer)

  • SIG

    Cartography & SIG

    We produce high-quality metric cartography in both planimetry and altimetry

  • CAD

    CAD Systems

    The cabinet work is done with CAD programs, which allow to make maps, sections, cuts and surveys in digital format.

  • image


    For expeditions, field footage, excavations, prospections, etc., we use digital HD cameras and 4K (Red, Blackmagic, Canon, GoPro Hero)

  • edition

    Edition & Postproduction

    Postproduction department is undertaken by the publications of the discoveries, either via official statements, press conferences, lectures, conventional or electronic publications