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Born in Catalonia (Spain), he is studying at the Faculty of Political and Economic Sciences in Barcelona. An historian, researcher, explorer, expert in ancient symbology and in Eastern, Indo-European and pre-Columbian cultures, has developed a large catalogue of studies and works over many years, covering unknown aspects of our evolution and history that have remained hidden throughout the centuries.

At the age of 30 he became interested in Tibetan Lamaism and was able to contact one of its most important teachers, Kalou Kempo Rimpoche. This high Lama invited him to his Monastery in Sonada (Darjeeling, India) where he transmits important secrets of Lamaism and the existence of a sacred Kingdom called "Chang Shambhalla".

After his experience with Lama Rimpoche in India, he takes a radical turn in his life and decides to expand his knowledge and studies in pre-Columbian cultures. In 1982, he buys a 17-meter-long sailboat made in the shipyards of Auray (France) and forms a multidisciplinary team of research and exploration, called BOHIC RUZ, with the objective of studying and researching the most unfathomable mysteries of our past. Making various expeditions and explorations throughout Asia, Europe, America and Oceania as well as important voyages in the Mediterranean Sea, Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea and Pacific Ocean, collecting lots of data that will provide a new vision into the history of ancient civilizations.

He collaborates with the Peruvian Government undertaking archaeological works, rescuing important remains for the Cultural Heritage of the Country.

His latest project "THE SECRET OF THE ANDES" tries to solve the mystery hidden inside the Andean mountain range.


PI RAMBLA has a highly experienced human team in different disciplines for the avant-garde exploration named BOHIC RUZ.

Join us to learn about our archaeological heritage and explore ancient cultures and unknown civilizations.


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The Mysteries of a Lost Civilization
Is there a hidden world inside the Andes mountain range?

We are preparing for the next year 2022 a scientific-archaeological project of great historical interest on the ancient mysteries of the ANDEAN civilizations

New Project

archaeological works - see video


  • Koricancha Project, excavations in the Temple of the Sun of the Incas (Cusco, Peru)
  • Saqsaywaman Project, excavations in the Chinkana Grande (Cusco, Peru)
  • Candelabro of Paracas, archaeological research, studies of its symbolism, archaeoastronomy and interpretation works (Peru)
  • Nazca Lines, study and filming of the Lines. Archaeoastronomy and interpretation works (Peru)
  • Machu Picchu, investigation and filming of the citadel. Archaeoastronomy and interpretation work at the Intiwatana
  • Ollantaytambo, study and filming of the ruins (Peru)
  • Tayos Caves, exploration and analysis of caves (Ecuador)
  • Chullpas of Sillustani, investigation and filming of the Chullpas (Titicaca)
  • Tiahuanaco, archaeoastronomy studies and filming of the ruins (Bolivia)
  • Palenque & Chitzén Itzá, investigation and filming of the ruins (Mexico)
  • Atacama Desert, research on petroglyphs and their symbols (Chile)
  • Pascua Island, Moais study (Chile)
  • Contact and study with an Amazonian tribe in the wild: The Mashcopiros - Amazon Rainforest (Alto Madre de Dios, Peru)
  • Environmental impact studies in the Manu Reserve (Peru) with the collaboration of the North American biologist Dra. Jane Stern from the department of zoology at the University of California (Davis) and professor of Biology at Berkeley (USA)
  • Investigation of the Uros Indians and communities of the islands of Taquile and Amantaní (Lake Titicaca, Peru)
  • Investigation of the Quero community (Paucartambo, Peru)
  • Hopi Indians Study - Indian Reservation (Arizona, USA)
  • Study on Tibetan Lamaism with the spiritual leader, Kalou Kempo Rimpoche, main teacher of the Kagyupa lamaistic line (Darjeeling, India)
  • Migratory Birds (Paracas National Reserve, Peru) - study and analysis of the problem of the Niño Current, affecting thousands of migratory and native birds in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund of Peru (Prodena)
  • Protection of Vicuñas from extinction by poachers with Dr. Felipe Benavides, president of the World Wildlife Fund of Peru (Pampa Galeras National Reserve)
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